T, next time you come over,  I’ll be making these on you ♥ @altheasilver

Penguin nails

A birthday present for a friend who’s a huge fan of Dark Souls.

Note- I have never played the game,  and I don’t really know much about it, hope I did it right ^^”

Christmas present for my girlfriend

Jack ‘o’ Lantern nails.
Can’t wait for Halloween!

Checkered nails

Rainbow - dot nails

White version

Rainbow - dot nails
Model: Empi

Black version

Nebula nails
Model: Empi

My birthday cake. Forgot to post it on the day.

Cute skull nails

Tattoo on Withmoores ankle.
Third time tattooing.

As an extended birthday present,  I got to borrow a tattoo machine from my good friend Empi, and tattoo this on her leg.
Second time tattooing.

First time tattooing, second time holding a tattoo machine.

These are not the nails you’re looking for.